Being a homeowner isn’t always easy. Small repairs come and go, and there may be some minor labor involved. But some things that go wrong around the house can leave homeowners scratching their heads. You may be able to call for professional repairs. After that, all you can do is try to get through the situation until the broken item can be fixed. Sometimes it’s a major inconvenience, like a broken-down fridge or water heater. But sometimes it’s a true emergency. This is especially true in the case of emergency roof repair. Often, one does not realize there is a problem with the roof until it starts leaking. And by the time that happens, the repair can’t be delayed for very long without causing serious problems.

Emergency Roof Repair [infographic]

Why You Should Never Wait on Emergency Roof Repair

A leaking roof doesn’t just cause a significant inconvenience. It can also result in structural damage if it is not repaired immediately. Situations like this are especially dire because roofing work is not something that most people can do themselves. It takes special skills, and it can be dangerous for someone without these skills to try to work from heights. This type of work is best left to the professionals.

Waiting to have emergency roof repair done at a more convenient time can lead to much, much bigger problems. Once water has gotten under your shingles, your entire home is in danger. The structure underneath the shingles that holds up the roof is usually made of wood, which can start to rot or warp once it is soaked.

Leaking water can also moisten insulation in your attic or walls. Once wet, insulation is no longer effective at retaining internal temperatures. It also takes a very long time to dry without external help (like a professional-grade dehumidifier). Wet insulation is a perfect environment for mold. Once mold develops in your attic or walls, the spores can be carried through your ventilation system into the whole house. Mold spores can make people sick and spread the mold throughout your home.

Leaking water can also damage carpets, drywall, and ceilings. The longer the water leaks, the worse it gets and the more you will have to rip out and replace.

Causes of Emergency Roof Repair

There are several reasons the need for an emergency roof repair can develop unexpectedly.


Wind damage is one of the most common reasons for a leaky roof. Strong winds can get under the shingles and rip sections of them off. Once the shingles are loose—or gone entirely—wind-blown rain can work its way beneath the shingles. But don’t try to fix it or even inspect it yourself. The last place a homeowner should be during a windstorm is on the roof. Even after the storm dies down, walking on a wet roof is dangerous. And walking on a damaged roof carries the threat of causing further damage or even falling through a weak section. The best thing to do is to use buckets to contain any leaks. Then call a roofing professional as soon as possible.


Tree limbs can cause damage to the roofing surface if they scrape against it. A falling tree limb can even puncture the roof if the limb is big enough. It this case, the complexity of the repair is increased because the tree limb must be removed before the repairs can begin. If the roof has been punctured, you have no time to wait. Your home is open to the elements. Call a roofer immediately. Then get a tarp to cover the area beneath the broken part of your roof as best as you can.

An Aging Roof

Age can lead to the need for emergency roof repair even without a storm or fallen tree. While signs of age are evident to those who know what to look for, leaks can sometimes develop before a replacement can be scheduled. If you’ve been putting off a roof inspection or replacement, your roof just called your bluff. The repairs are now urgent, and the damage is probably more expensive to fix than simply replacing an old roof.

Who to Call for Emergency Repairs

Homeowners in the Newnan, Georgia, area need not panic when facing a roofing emergency. Local roofing professionals are ready to help and are just a phone call away. Call us, or contact Eagle Watch Roofing online to set up your emergency service.