Many homeowners put off roof repairs. Sometimes they think the repairs are too small. They figure they can wait on roof repairs until there is more to do. Or some might be worried that repairs will be too costly. Bust procrastinating on roof repairs, even if it seems like there is no urgent need, can have long term consequences. Waiting can also cost you more money in the future. On the other hand, a quick call to your Peachtree city roofers can save headaches and money in the future. Don’t believe me yet? Let’s take a look at some unintended consequences of putting off roof repairs.

Three Reasons Not to Wait on Roof Repairs [infographic]

Ignoring Small Repairs May Lead to Larger Damage

The many parts of roofs are all connected, and damage in one area can spread to another. The outermost layer of your roof is your shingles. Each shingle is dependent on the shingle above it and protects the shingle below it. Damage to even one shingle can expose the surrounding shingles to further damage. If you wait on roof repairs, a weak patch in your roof can become a leak inside your home.

Each layer of your roof protects the layers underneath. The shingles protect the underlayment beneath them. Problems with your shingles can lead to moist, moldy, or decayed underlayment.

When the underlayment holds moisture, it can begin to warp or rot the wood beneath it, both the plywood decking that covers the roof and the frame that give the roof its shape and support. If you ignore the small problems, you may soon find that whole sections of your roof need replacing!

Save Money on Utilities

We all know that the real cost of home-owning is in the bills. You may be overpaying on these bills just because you put off some basic roof repairs. Your Peachtree city roofers can’t do anything about your mortgage. But they could help you lower those pesky utility bills. Feel like your home is too expensive to heat in the winter? Is it always too hot in the summer? Holes in your roof don’t just cause leaks. They could be driving those heating and cooling costs through the roof, literally!

Protect the Value of Your Home

Buying a house is one of the most significant investments a person can make. Why would you let the value of this investment decrease over time when you could be adding value? By maintaining your home, you don’t just prevent your house from dropping in price as it ages. You can even gain value! A low-quality roof can have a significant effect on the value of your home, dragging it down thousands of dollars. But taking care of a roof is a great way to grow the value of your home even as your roof ages.

Never Wait On Roof Repairs

By now, you probably understand why you shouldn’t wait on roof repairs. So when considering your to-do list of urgent home repairs, don’t bury the roof down toward the bottom. You will be losing out on money spent and home value. Also, you’ll only create headaches for yourself in the future. Now that you know all the benefits of roof repairs, what’s the next step? Call Eagle Watch Roofing, your Peachtree City roofers!