Roof Repair Atlanta

At Eagle Watch Roofing, we understand how stressful dealing with roof damage can be, which is why our roof repair technicians are extensively trained and certified to not only pinpoint the specific damages to your roof but fix them in a timely and non-invasive manner.

Having served Newnan, Georgia and the surrounding area for many years, we pride ourselves on being the only company you need to call when you’re in need of roof repair; no matter how simple or severe the damage is.

Storm Damage Repair

Here in the southeast, severe weather is very common, especially in the spring and summer months. With this in mind, the likelihood of a homeowner in Fayetteville, Peachtree City, and all surrounding area needing efficient storm damage roof repair is exponentially high.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) classifies damaging hail as 1 Ľ inch in diameter. Oftentimes, if you have experienced storm damage such as a damaging hail strike to your home, you will have visible signs from the ground level such as dents in your gutters and downspouts or holes in your vinyl siding or even broken windows.

However, sometimes hail will solely damage your shingles and you will not be able to tell from the ground. This is when having a company like Eagle Watch Roofing on your side is of such a benefit - not only do we offer free inspections, but if we happen to find damage to your property we will suggest that you file a claim with your insurance company which we will be glad to assist you with.