If you’ve been dealing with roof failure, then you have likely kicked around the idea of simply replacing your roof altogether.

After all, if you’re living in an area that sees heavy rain and wind, then it’s more than possible your roof has experienced extensive damage over the years. With that said, without hiring a roofing professional — like Eagle Watch Roofing — to perform a thorough roof inspection, you just don’t know the severity of your roof damage.

Chances are, you could easily get by with a simple roof repair job, but a few factors have to be determined for this to be a possibility.

Determining The Age Of Your Roof

The age of your roof will play a big role in determining whether or not roof repair is even possible. This is because roofs lose their effectiveness over time, and if you own a home with a roof that is over 20 years old, you could be looking at consistent problems — and consistent repair bills — until you finally decide to replace the entire roof.

With that being said, if your roof is only a few years old, and was installed properly by a roofing professional, a small roof repair job should put your roof back into adequate condition.

Do You Have Extensive Storm Damage?

In Newnan, Georgia, heavy rain and thunderstorms are a common occurrence, especially in the summertime.

Unfortunately, with these weather conditions, you risk extensive damage to your roof due to the wind, extensive water, and even falling trees and branches. When your roof receives this type of abuse, you almost always will be in need of a full roof replacement.

While, in rare instances, repair may be applicable for storm damage, it isn’t recommended, as a roof that has received damage from wind or rain is a clear indicator of a poorly installed roof. This means you should have your roof replaced with a much more durable material, such as metal, in order to avoid future roof damage.

Does Your Roof Leak?

As every homeowner knows, a leaky roof is never a good sign. When your roof leaks, this indicates some part of your roof is damaged, if not the entire roof itself.

If this is the case, a roofing professional can inspect your roof to find the exact area of your roof that is causing the leak and will also be able to determine if a simple repair job can fix the leak indefinitely.

With the proper repair, a small roof leak could be fixed for the entirety of your roof’s life cycle. This is why it’s so important to choose the right roofing contractor for the job.

At Eagle Watch Roofing, our professionals have extensive training and experience in order to effectively repair your roof to increase its longevity and save you money on lengthy roof replacements.

If you’re experiencing any roofing issues, don’t hesitate to contact Eagle Watch immediately to schedule your roofing inspection.