With the almost subtropical climate influenced by airflow coming off the Gulf of Mexico, you never know when a storm may hit the GA area. These storms often bring strong winds and this could mean trouble for your home’s roofing in Newnan. Your roof could be damaged by the wind, but unless the damage is very visible, you may be unaware that there is any damage at all. That is of course until you start noticing leaks or water damage around the interior of your home.

Damage to Your Roofing in Newnan

A strong wind can blow under loose shingles, causing tears or completely ripping them off. Missing shingles or those that are flapping in the wind allow rain to reach your roof’s protective underlayment or the sheathing when the underlayment has been compromised. When this happens, your roof becomes more vulnerable to suffering more damage.

During a storm, your roof is also vulnerable to objects that may be blown around. Branches and tree limbs should be removed as soon as possible to inspect damage to shingles and to prevent them from falling off the roof and hitting people.

Dealing with Your Homeowner’s Insurance

If you do not deal with the damage to your roof in a timely manner, you may run into a hassle with your homeowner’s insurance. It is wrong to think that a few torn or missing shingles are not a big deal because if you receive additional damage in another storm, your insurer may refuse to pay your claim. They could dismiss your claim because the damage occurred because you were negligent in maintaining your roof by not repairing previous damage. Therefore, it is always best to have your roof inspected after a storm and repaired no matter how little the damage is.

If you think your roof has sustained damage from strong winds or other types of hazardous weather, do not hesitate to call your local roofer in Newnan, GA.