This is a question about roofing in Newnan, GA that comes up often. Although trees are a stunning addition to any landscape, they aren’t merely decorative plants. Trees play a critical role in environmental health: They serve as living spaces and food sources for many animals and insects, provide shade to animals and other plants, absorb harmful carbon dioxide and release crucial oxygen into the air. These points are important to remember when you’re a homeowner. Trees are not static lifeforms. They grow, change and deteriorate. Yet, homeowners sometimes begin to think of trees as solid, unchangeable and immovable. They fall into this false sense of safety because over time they perceive trees as nothing more than “background objects.” They forget that trees often cause serious damage to property – especially roofs.

What type of roof damage can you expect from trees located near your home?

– Branches and leaves still attached to trees close to the roof and fallen debris can wear asphalt shingle surfaces, damage and loosen any type of shingles, dislodge other roofing materials and gouge a roof.
– Debris piles can buckle a roof, support water accumulation and associated leaks and rot, clog gutters, erode and stain the roof and attract insects.
– Insects that live in trees, such as ants, beetles and termites, can burrow into or consume any wooden roofing materials.
– A fallen tree can break the surface of a roof or even cause a roof to collapse entirely.

A local roofer in Newnan, GA will have the knowledge that you need to minimize the chance of tree-related damage so that you can continue to enjoy the many benefits of having trees in your landscape. Roofing in Newnan, GA involves more than roof replacement. Professional roofers provide thorough yearly and after-storm inspections and then offer their recommendations as dictated by each unique situation. Call Eagle Watch Roofing today for more information!