Maintaining your roof should be one of your top priorities as a homeowner. Your roof is designed to shield your home from raging heat, rain, and snow. It is vital that you pay close attention to your roof. Neglecting your roof can lead to serious roofing issues. Many homeowners pay close attention to danger from high winds or heavy rain. But what many don’t realize is just how significant trees can be to the health, or degradation, of your roof. Trees affect your roof in multiple ways. Ignoring the trees around your roof is a sure way to wind up with roof problems you never expected. Fortunately, you can always turn to Eagle Watch Roofing, your roofer for Peachtree City, for help.

How Trees Can Affect Your Roof [infographic]

The Trouble With Trees

Trees are well-known for causing problems for homeowners. From falling leaves cluttering your yard to huge branches blocking your view, trees can be a pain. But they can also damage your roof in many different ways. This is the primary reason why so many home improvement experts encourage homeowners to pay close attention to trees growing too close to their homes. The closer a tree is to your home, the more problematic it becomes.

Let’s take a look at several ways trees can damage your roof.

Falling Branches

You may be under the impression that the main danger during a storm is that a tree will fall on your roof. However, large, healthy trees rarely topple over completely. But a weak branch can break off and fall on your roof at any time, even without a storm. And the danger doesn’t just come from large branches. Even smaller branches can puncture or damage your shingles.

Of course, if a large enough branch falls on your home, or if a whole tree collapses onto your roof, it could damage more than just your shingles. In that case, you will undoubtedly be dealing with a significant insurance claim. Luckily, Eagle Watch Roofing are experts at dealing with insurance claims. Contact Eagle Watch Roofing, and we’ll walk you through the whole process. We’re in your corner. We’ll make sure you get every dollar you deserve, and that your out-of-pocket costs are as low as possible.

Leaning Branches

Many homeowners are unaware that leaning branches pose a significant threat to their roof, even if they never fall. In high wind situations, branches can scratch roofing materials. Once the granules covering asphalt shingles are knocked off, the bare asphalt us exposed to the sun. UV rays will quickly break down the asphalt, leading to leaks and more damage. Even if a branch isn’t touching your roof, in high winds it may make contact. It is always best to avoid any possibility of a branch grinding against your roofing material.


Some homeowners love trees with large, leafy canopies. They provide shade for their home and can be beautiful both in summer and fall. What they may not realize is that as all those leaves fall they can coat your roof. Leaves trap water, and that moisture can rot the shingles beneath. It also encourages the growth of moss and mold.

Leaves that are washed off of your roof can become an obstruction in your gutter system. This obstruction can force water into your attic or behind your fascia boards. In a torrential downpour, water can rush right over clogged gutters, flooding your yard and damages your foundation.


Tree branches that hang close to a roof can become a bridge for all sorts of invasive pests. Rodents like rats, mice, and squirrels will use a hanging branch as a convenient jumping-off point to reach your roof. From there, they can build nests in attics, soffits, or under shingles. Besides the damage to your home in general, a pest infestation can cause a lot of damage to your roof. As rodents chew through the roofing material and the structural elements beneath, your roof may start to leak or even sag.

It’s not just rodents who find their way from a tree branch to your roof. A tree branch that touches your roof can also be a pathway for insects that wouldn’t otherwise have access to your roof.

Protecting Your Roof from Trees

Your roof is one of the most expensive and essential components of your home. Trimming trees around your home can help you avoid the problems listed above. Eagle Watch Roofing—your trusted roofer for Peachtree City, GA, and the entire Atlanta Metro area—is ready to give you the help you need.