Trees Can Cause Damage to Roofs

If you have large trees on your property, then the plants can damage a building’s rooftop. Our roofing in Newnan, Ga., technicians can inspect your home’s roof to determine if the trees on a property are causing any problems. Some of the ways that trees can cause rooftop damage include:

• Damage from falling branches
• Keeping sunlight from drying a building’s rooftop
• Filling the rain gutters with leaves

In addition to minor damage from trees, it is possible to have serious problems after a windstorm occurs. Strong winds can knock over healthy or diseased trees, seriously damaging a building’s roof. If an entire tree falls over on a building, then the roof will have thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Request a Professional Roof Inspection

It is possible to have damage to a building’s roof without realizing it because most homeowners do not have the ability to inspect the surface. By contacting our roofing in Newnan, Ga., company, you can have a professional roof inspection to determine if there are problems that are caused by a property’s trees.

Damage from Tree Leaves and Branches

A technician can climb an extension ladder to look at your home’s roof. Our technicians can look at the building’s rain gutters to determine if the items are filled with leaves that lead to water remaining on a rooftop, and they can determine if any tree branches have torn away a roof’s shingles or underlying materials.

Moisture Damage from Too Much Shade

Overhanging tree branches can lead to a roof having a lot of moisture that never dries, and this can cause a roof to have dangerous mold growth that will erode the materials. After a roof inspection, our technicians can provide a written evaluation to help a customer understand how to repair a building’s roof.