“Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head” is a fun song, but it’s not so much fun when rain is falling on your roof, seeping inside through a crack and leaking into your home. A roof leak is a serious issue, and it needs to be handled by your hometown specialist in roofing in Newnan, GA. If not fixed, a leak has the potential to do some serious, lasting damage. While no one wants to spend their hard-earned money on repairs, letting a leak go unfixed is only going to cost you more money down the line. Your home is both your castle and usually your single largest investment. Protect your investment by addressing roof leaks before the following damage takes place.

Structural Damage

Water and wood aren’t the best of friends. Roof leaks can damage your home’s structure. Depending on the architecture of your house, continuous water leaking in through the roof can weaken the rafters, the subfloors and the joists. Water, though, isn’t only damaging to the structural bones of your house; it will also harm insulation and drywall as well. And once drywall has become wet from a leak, it almost always needs to be primed and painted to cover the telltale dried yellowish water stain.

Mold Growth

In the same way that water can seep into wood and damage it, this leaked water can also create a haven in which mold can grow. Mold is dangerous. Different varieties of mold exist, and none of them are healthy for people to breathe. You don’t want mold of any kind living in your home. More than that, you want to prevent mold from ever taking up residence by fixing roof leaks when they occur. Furthermore, mold removal is costly.

Benjamin Franklin said it best: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” No truer statement can be made about roof leaks. Don’t let a small, fixable problem turn into a costlier, more difficult issue to fix. And please don’t attempt to repair your roof on your own. Roof work is dangerous, and it’s best left up to your experts in roofing in Newnan, GA. Call us today, and we can stop your roof leaks before they have a chance to do any lasting damage.