When looking for solutions for problematic roofing Newnan homeowners should call professional GA contractors for help. This is because it is essential to choose an experienced roofing service if you want to make sure the task is properly completed. This is especially true if the problem is a leaking roof, which must always be addressed as soon as it is discovered.

The following are several obvious signs that your roof has developed a leak:

• Discolorations on the ceilings or walls
• Warped shingles, particularly in one section of the roof
• Wet attic insulation
• Unexplained shorts in the home’s wiring

Less obvious signs include:

• A musty smell in the home for which there is no obvious explanation
• The appearance of mildew or mold in an area that previously had no moisture problem
• An increase in the home’s humidity during summer

Water damage

If water damage takes place in your home, your roof will weaken over time and begin to rot. As this occurs, shingles may come loose and fall from the roof, causing serious warping in the surrounding wood. If left unchecked, moisture will also cause additional damage to the interior of your home, as it will leak into the walls of the dwelling. When this occurs, the water will attempt to escape through cracks and gaskets, which ultimately leads to structural deterioration and even the possibility of an electrical fire. Once these things happen, you will be faced with expensive and time-consuming repairs.

A Leaking Roof is an Emergency

Because of the myriad problems it can cause, you should always treat a leaking roof as an emergency. Never attempt to fix it yourself, as an unsatisfactory outcome is likely. Many homeowners have found this out the hard way, and usually regretted their decision. Therefore, when in need of repairs for their roofing Newnan homeowners should choose only qualified professionals. This can be accomplished by selecting a company that employs experienced GA roofing contractors. Do not procrastinate if your roof is leaking. Rather, contact a professional today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from placing the repairs in the hands of an expert.