As we all know, our roofs are one of the most important components of our homes, and for good reason. For one, they keep us safe from the elements, but they also serve a myriad of other purposes, such as keeping out debris, insects, and other pests.

With that said, some homeowners simply don’t maintain their roof — often times because they don’t have the time and do not want to spend the money to do so. Unfortunately, roof damage can lead to costly repairs in the future, which is why it’s imperative you know the signs of a damaged roof.

Here are just some of the signs your roof is in need of repair, from the Newnan, Georgia roofing experts at Eagle Watch Roofing:

Worn Out Shingles

If you happen to have a shingle roof, then the first sign you should be looking for — when it comes to determining if your roof is damaged — is the sight of worn-out or missing shingles.

Simply inspecting your roof for any shingles that are discolored or loose can tell you a great deal about the state your roof is in, and can also lead you to seek the services of a roof repair company — like Eagle Watch Roofing — in order to fix your damaged shingles.

Springing A Leak

It’s common knowledge that one of your roof’s main functions is to keep water out. When your roof fails to do so, this is a tell-tale sign of a much bigger problem.

Roofs that leak can lead to mold buildup, which can have a negative effect on the health of you and your family, and could even cause your roof to cave in or collapse.

This is why it’s so important to have your roof properly inspected by a roofing professional whenever you suspect a leak. Your contractor has the knowledge and expertise necessary to tell you where the leak is occurring and what is causing the leak in the first place.

It’s important to note that often times leaks can be a sign of an inadequate roof, which will almost always force a homeowner to have their roof replaced. If this is the case, a company like Eagle Watch Roofing can work with your insurance to assist you in obtaining coverage for the entire replacement job.

Repairing Roof Damage In Newnan, Georgia

If you notice any or all of these signs, don’t hesitate to contact the Newnan, Georgia roofing experts at Eagle Watch Roofing immediately!

Our experts have the training and expertise necessary to handle any type of roof damage and can fully repair your roof to ensure your home is safe and sound.