Roofing may appear to be a relatively straightforward process. You place sheathing down, apply asphalt paper, and tack some shingles on your roof. It’s what you may not realize about the pitfalls of do-it-yourself roofing that may encourage you to hire a professional roofer in Newnan, GA. Sure, installing a roof the right way, with an experienced professional, is a bit of an investment. But is DIY roofing really worth it? The savings may actually turn out costing you more than doing it right the first time.

Let’s explore some of the riskier and more troublesome problems that you might encounter if you decide to do your own roof.

Is DIY Roofing Really Worth It [infographic]

1. Hard-to-Track Leaks

Even in a simple shingle roof with a decent pitch, the smallest errors in roofing can lead to leaks that can be incredibly difficult to track. When you do it yourself, there is little way to know where exactly you messed up. It’s hard enough to find the source of a leak in a professionally installed roof. When you can’t be sure that every part of the roof was installed correctly, finding a leak becomes even more difficult.

Consider something as simple as having exposed nails on your shingles. It’s an easy mistake to make. And while they may not leak with the first few rainfalls, exposed nails will oxidize and cause tiny leaks once freezing temperatures hit. Tiny holes, especially if there is more than one, can add up to big problems. Rotted decking and structural beams, mold in the attic, and damaged sheetrock in the ceilings are all common consequences of a few small leaks.

Once you see the symptoms of a leak, the leak or leaks have already penetrated your roof and into the structure beneath. By that point, it can be nearly impossible to track down the source. You will need to hire a professional roofer, which is precisely what you were trying to avoid. This is a case where the costs of DIY are definitely higher than doing it right the first time.

2. Flashing Problems

Aluminum flashing should help keep moisture out of areas that are prone to leaks or get lots of runoff. But it takes a skilled approach to ensure that flashing actually keeps moisture out instead of retaining it.

In situations where chimneys or valleys exist on a roof, moisture can become trapped under improperly installed flashing. That’s just the opposite of your goal. Trapped moisture can rot the materials below and leak into your home, where it can damage mortar, gypsum, wall studs, and more. If the problem goes unnoticed, you may pay more in repairs than what it would have cost to install a new roof with a reliable professional.

Flashing problems are yet another example of a problem that do-it-yourself roofers tend to encounter. Hiring a roof in Newnan GA can prevent these problems.

3. Flat Roof Leaks and Seepage

The trickiest roofing challenge has to be flat roofs. While these appear relatively straightforward—there are no shingles to deal with—one minor error can be catastrophic.

The term flat roof is a bit of a misnomer. A completely flat roof would collect water that would eventually lead to seepage and leaks. What we call a flat roof is actually very slightly pitched. The slight pitch directs water toward drains that keep the roof dry. Without proper grading, a flat roof can become a giant puddle.

In addition to getting the pitch right, flat roofs need extra-tight sealing. Without the proper membrane and watertight coatings, water will seep through to create pesky leaks. Leaking water can travel along pipes, beams, and other structural components. By the time it finds its way to the ceiling below, it is far from the problem spot on the roof. That makes tracking a leak especially tricky.

Let the Professionals Install Your Roof

While it can be tempting to save a few thousand dollars by doing your own roofing, it can also create a myriad of problems. By hiring an experienced roofer in Newnan GA, you can avoid many of the issues that do-it-yourself roofers tend to encounter. That makes the extra cost of hiring a professional roofing contractor well worth it. So contact Eagle Watch Roofing today to get the job done right the first time.