Some people try to repair their own roofing. While you may enjoy do-it-yourself projects, this is definitely not one you should try. Below we provide a helpful list of reasons not to DIY your roof. But in short, you should not try to repair or replace your own roofing. If you’re still not convinced, consider these reasons.

Three Reasons Not to DIY Your Roof [infographic]

It Is Dangerous

Working on your roof can be dangerous. It is not less dangerous for professionals to work on a roof, but they have the experience and training necessary to stay safe. Not only is spending time up on the roof dangerous, but there are also risks associated with carrying the tools up and down the ladder. Climbing a ladder while carrying heavy tools can be awkward and unnatural. The most obvious danger is that you can fall, which can result in injury or death. But you can also injure yourself in other ways, such as sprains and twisted muscles.

Roofing ranks number six on the list of the top 10 riskiest jobs. Fortunately, experienced roofers know how to minimize these risks. But if you’re not a professional roofer, this is not a time to do it yourself.

It Is Time-Consuming

Any roofer will tell you that roofing can be a time-consuming job. If you make a mistake, it can take you even longer to repair the roof. A roofer can get the job done in a shorter amount of time because they have the knowledge and experience to get it right the first time. Leaving the job to a professional will help you save time and frustration. When you try to DIY your roof, you may get in way over your head. But this isn’t a project you can pause and come back to later. Once you have ripped up your old roof, you have a ticking clock to get the job done while your roof is exposed.

The Job May Not Be Done Correctly

One of the best reasons not to DIY your roof is that you aren’t a trained roofer. (Unless you are a trained roofer, that is.) Roofers are required to complete either an apprenticeship or on-the-job training. It takes practice and experience to repair or replace a roof properly. If you try to do the job yourself, then it may not be done correctly. You will eventually have to call a professional if you can’t do it right. This means that you will end up spending a lot more money. Not only will you pay for a new roof, but you will pay to rip up and repair the damage you did.

There are many reasons you should let a qualified roofer repair or replace your roof. Hiring a roofer will ensure that the job will be done safely, saving you time and money. It is also safer for you to allow a professional to do it. If you need to have your roof repaired or replaced, Eagle Watch Roofing can help.