The answer to the above answer is always going to be yes. If your roof has received any type of damage, it is important to have it evaluated by an experienced roofing contractor, no matter how minor it may appear. Ignoring damage to your roof can lead to expensive repairs down the road that could have been avoided.

Unrepaired damage to your roof can cause:

  • Leaks inside your home that damage ceilings, walls and your home’s infrastructure
  • Speed up the degradation of additional roof components
  • Increases your risk of more extensive roof damage during future storms

Inside Your Home

Once water begins to leak into your home, you risk the danger of mold and mildew growth. This can be hazardous to your health. Additionally, this causes widespread damage to the sheetrock and wooden infrastructure in your home.

Degradation of Roofing Material

  • Pock marks from hail can speed up the process of aging on your roofing shingles
  • Torn or missing shingles can expose flashing and the roof’s waterproof membrane to the elements
  • If the membrane is torn or compromised, the wooden roof deck is exposed, thus causing more leaks

Price You’ll Pay for Ignoring Roof Damage

Ignoring existing roof damage makes your roof and home more vulnerable to damage that is more extensive. However, did you know that if you have existing roof damage, your homeowner’s insurance will likely reject your insurance claim? That means any damage to your roof or the inside of your home will need to be paid from your pocket.

To protect your home and your pocket, it’s important to inspect your roof for damage after every severe storm. Often, the insurance company will require a written report from a professional roofing contractor to confirm that the damage is a result of a storm and not from normal wear or tear. Once roof damage has been found, it should be repaired quickly.