The roofing system of a house offers protection to the ceiling, walls, and house interior. Therefore, roof maintenance is a cornerstone of overall home maintenance. In fact, an improperly maintained roof can wear out forty percent faster than the expected duration. So if your roof isn’t maintained, you may end up making significant repairs well before they are due. However, even with proper maintenance, roofing problems are inevitable as a roof ages. If your roof is older than a couple of decades, contact your local roofing contractor now before you have problems. They can inspect your aging roof to detect any damage or wear and repair it before it leads to catastrophe.

Worn Out Flashing

Flashing is installed in areas of your roof where water collects or that need extra protection. A common area for flashing is valleys where two slopes meet, and rainwater gathers and runs off the roof. Roofers also install flashing around openings in the roof, such as vents or chimneys. It is intended to drain water away from the roofing materials. Deteriorated flashing exposes the vents, nails, roof edges, seams, and joints to water damage and leaks.

Broken Shingles

Shingles are susceptible to discoloration, cracking, and curling. Deteriorating shingles expose the wood below them to water seepage, rotting, and other damage. If your roof has inadequate ventilation, it may develop buckled shingles. Lack of ventilation and poorly installed fasteners can also result in curling. If any of your shingles are broken, cracked, or misformed, you need to repair or replace them. The longer you wait, the more likely you will develop damage below the shingles in the underlayment or decking.

Impaired Gutters

Gutters are notorious for the build-up of water and debris that leads to thick, gutter-clogging gunk. But clogged gutters could lead to the growth of mildew or molds under the roof. Also, the weight of the accumulated debris or standing water leads to sagging gutters. First, it is vital to keep gutters clear. Regular cleaning is helpful, but if you find the gutters continue to clog, consider specialized gutter coverings that help keep out debris. The problem of stagnant water in an otherwise clear gutter can be fixed by pitching the gutters at a proper slope.

Weather-Related Damage

Overhanging tree branches that rub on the roof during strong winds or storms can damage the shingles. As the branches rub, protective granules are scraped off the shingle, exposing the tar to damaging UV rays. Loose shingles can also lead to wind blow-offs. Snow and ice present during winter can refreeze and lift the flashing or shingles, which creates spaces for water to leak.

Avoiding Roof Problems

Proper maintenance of your house’s roofing system is critical. Effective maintenance guarantees a long life of the system and saves on expensive repairs and replacement costs. Contact Eagle Watch Roofing, your roofing contractor in Newnan, GA, for instant services solving any roof problems.

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