Should you replace your old roof? Searching for these red flags can help you to decide if you need a roofers Newnan GA company. First, look at the age of the roof. Most experts say that an asphalt shingle roof will last between 20 to 25 years, but that will depend on whether the old roof had been removed. You want to keep the roof ventilated properly to avoid rotting and mold in the walls. As a roof ages, the shingles will start to buckle or curl. Look at the slope of the home where it receives direct sunlight. If you notice the shingles losing granules or curling, that means that they have gone past their life expectancy.

Does your roof have missing shingles? The area around the chimney is one of the areas of concern with this. Flashing that has been made of tar or roof cement may need replacement with water-tight fitting. You can also check for granules in the gutters because when you spot shingle granules in the gutters, it means that the roof will be nearing the end of its life cycle. When walking on the roof, you may notice a spongy feeling, which means that the lower decking has been weakened from moisture. That can cause mold problems and rotting of the internal structure of your home. You can check your attic to see if the sun shines through the roof boards. Also, look at the insulation for moisture.

Roofing can be a dangerous job. A glance through the Google search engines for “Roofing Accidents” yields a little over half a million results. Roofing has a fatality rate of 29.4 for every 100,000 employed roofers. You do not want to take on the danger yourself. Instead, look to your roofers Newnan GA company for help. Slipping and falling off a roof or ladder is not worth the risk, and a professional will have better safety equipment and knowledge of the task.

Call a professional roofer in Newnan, GA to get the job done right and done safely.