Durable and high-quality roofing in the Southeast is essential for both residential and commercial buildings. With warmer weather comes a lot of rain and the blooming trees. This change in weather is refreshing and exciting, but it can also show all of the problems that the winter cold and winds through your roofing.

Late spring is the ideal time to repair any damage that has occurred to your home’s roof during the inclement winter months. Eagle Watch Roofing can provide roof maintenance tips for spring.

On-the-Ground Inspection

Our first roof maintenance tip for spring is starting from the ground. Before setting up your ladder and climbing up to your roof, you have a few checklist items to complete from the ground level.

  1. You should start your spring rooftop maintenance by walking around outside the property to inspect the edge of the roof along with the downspouts and gutters. You can easily spot any abnormalities on the border of your roof.
  2. During your inspection, check for any sagging materials or missing rain gutters that indicate Georgia’s high winds have damaged your roof over the winter season. These types of problems must be fixed to preserve the quality of your roof as you head into the rainier season. Gutters can get clogged from fallen leaves and sticks and other debris that may like to get stuck in the gutters. It is possible to see the gutter clogs from the ground by peaking inside the end of the downspout.
  3. You should also create a written list of specific areas you are concerned about to keep track of all of the potential problems that need to be addressed. If you hire professional roofers, you can save time by having this list created in advance. The roofers can look at the checklist of issues and make the repairs.

Now you didn’t think you could do it all from the ground, right? Our next recommendation on the list of roof maintenance tips for spring involves a ladder! Hope you’re not too afraid of heights!

Performing a Rooftop Inspection

Okay, we were just kidding about the heights. This next step is for professionals only! Climbing atop your roof can be dangerous for someone who isn’t trained and insured to do so. We don’t want anyone getting hurt, remember that people are trained specifically for jobs like this, so please consult a professional for rooftop inspections.

With this in mind, your professional roofer will climb an extension ladder to examine a property’s rooftop. While standing at the top of the ladder, the professional roofer surveys the roof, checking for any curled or missing shingles that require repair.

The professional will then walk onto your rooftop to inspect other materials such as a chimney’s mortar or bricks. While on the roof, they can also inspect your pipes and vents. They will complete a thorough inspection from atop your roof and mark down any problem areas that need to be addressed and repaired.

Remember, completing a roof inspection from on top of the roof must be done by a professional. Here at Eagle Watch Roofing, we have a highly qualified professional roof repair team to accomplish any restoration or rebuild needs!

Discolorations on The Roofing Materials

This next roof maintenance tip for spring is another one that needs a professional’s help. While you can see some parts of the roof from the ground, it is important to have a professional up on the roof to see the nooks and crannies that may need some extra help.

The color of a property’s rooftop materials may slightly change over time due to fading or a buildup of debris. However, if there are unusual discolorations, then it could need specialized professional cleaning to remove mold or moss.

Moss or mold will continue to grow over time, and these contaminants can result in significant damage to the underlying materials or could even invade the property itself, causing health concerns.

A professional cleaning crew can spray chemicals on a roof’s materials to eliminate any contamination.

Removing Debris from Downspouts and Rain Gutters

While you can briefly see the quality of your gutters and downspouts from the ground below, it is important to leave bigger projects up to the professionals. There are many forms of scraps that can get stuck in the gutters and downspouts that surround the edge of your roof.

Your roofing professional should remove debris such as nests, branches, and leaves from downspouts and rain gutters to improve drainage.

A heavy buildup of debris in gutters and downspouts will prevent water from draining properly. This excess moisture will cause shingles as well as underlying materials to degrade, leading to leaks inside a property.

Removing debris from downspouts and rain gutters is a highly important task to complete to prevent any damage from leaking into the home itself. To read more about what we can do to repair your home’s gutters, click here.

Hire Eagle Watch Roofing

Instead of attempting to repair a rooftop’s materials on your own, enlist the help of the experts to get the job done safely and correctly.

Roofing in Georgia is frequently located on multistory properties, which makes it dangerous for property owners to attempt to repair on their own. Please don’t hurt yourself or your property by attempting to fix the roofing issues.

A professional roofing company, like Eagle Watch Roofing, has the ladders, bucket trucks, and supplies necessary for replacing a property’s rooftop materials. You don’t have to supply any of the essential tools to complete the job. We come prepared with everything we’ll need to get the job done and leave you satisfied with your new roof!

To learn more about what Eagle Watch Roofing can do for your next roofing project, visit our ‘About Us’ page; or, visit our ‘Testimonials’ page to see what some of our satisfied customers have to say about their experience.