Has your roof simply lost its luster, or have shingles gone missing or become curled? These are all the signs of an aging roof.

Luckily, so long as your roof isn’t leaking excess water into your home, you can oftentimes choose to spruce it up without the expense of major repairs or replacement.

Consider the following tips, from your Newnan, Georgia residential roofing professionals, for breathing new life into your home’s roof this spring.

Making Your Roof Shine

Because it is outdoors, your roof inevitably collects debris and dirt that can force it to lose its luster.

Your roof is also in constant bombardment by the elements, especially in severe Newnan rain or thunderstorms.

This may also include black algae stains that could be harboring molds and lichen colonies, which show up as green blotches. If you happen to have overhanging tree limbs, your roof may suffer from bird droppings as well.

With this in mind, washing your roof can bring back its true colors while protecting it from the harm caused by organic growth.

When you’re choosing roof washing services in your area, it’s best to choose a roofing contractor that uses eco-friendly cleaning products, and absolutely no power washing to ensure your roof isn’t damaged.

From the Inside Out

Did you know that your attic can have a serious impact on the service life of your roof? Unsurprisingly, the reasons for this lead to many home efficiency problems — including temperature and moisture.

If your attic is failing to receive adequate ventilation, temperatures can climb to approximately 150 degrees during the summer. Sadly, this can damage your roof from the decking up to the shingles.

What’s more, moisture pockets can linger when there isn’t proper ventilation, which can lead to wood decay and mold growth.

The solution to any moisture or temperature problems is to schedule an appointment with your local residential roofing contractor at Eagle Watch Roofing, to ensure your attic is properly ventilated, insulated and air sealed.

Shingle Repair

Curled and missing shingles will not help improve your home’s curb appeal. In fact, the longer you wait to repair your roof’s shingles, the greater chance water will have to breach your roof’s watertight barrier.

Replacing shingles will also provide the opportunity to conduct a thorough roof inspection, in order to see if there are any other underlying problems with your roofing system that could be causing shingle problems. In other words, spruce up your shingles and better protect your home.

For the best results when it comes to making your Newnan, Georgia roof shine this spring, contact Eagle Watch Roofing for all of your residential roofing service and repair needs.