The roof above your family’s heads is a home’s first and finest line of defense against the elements. Sadly, no roofing system is designed to last forever, and roofing issues — varying in severity — can spring up over time that affect both a roof’s longevity and performance.

Roof repair and maintenance companies provide a wide range of services to which can help prevent such problems from occurring and respond to any issues that might come up.

By remaining cognisant of the most common roofing problems that a homeowner will experience, you can prepare yourself to handle and tackle these issues as soon as they come up.

Here’s just some of the most common roofing issues any homeowner is bound to run into, from the Newnan, Georgia roofing experts at Eagle Watch Roofing:

Shingle Damage

Not only do shingles offer an aesthetic boost to your home’s roof, but more importantly they protect your underlying roof structures from the elements and other variables that could potentially cause damage.

Unfortunately shingles can become weakened by wind, UV rays, and wind over time. If you happen to notice any shingles that are broken, missing, or warped, contact your local Newnan, Georgia roof repair company immediately.

Drainage Problems

Poor or improper roof drainage can lead to a myriad of issues, including water damage.

If your home happens to have a flat roof — which is becoming more popular across the Southeast — you will need to keep an eye on your ceiling for water stains as this is a clear indication that water has begun to pool on your roof; as a result of a recent rainstorm.

Additionally, if your home has a slanted roof, be sure to keep the gutters clear in order to prevent water from backing up and leaking through the small cracks in your roof.


Leaks pose a major risk to your roof, and, as such, are an issue that needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

Often, by the time you start to notice the signs of water damage resulting from a roof leak, the extent of the damage itself that exists behind your walls and in the attic can be severe.

In order to be on the safe side, you should schedule an inspection with a trusted roofing company to ensure your home’s roof is watertight.

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