Homeowners see all kinds of problems with their roofs. Sometimes, it’s just normal aging and damage over time. Other times, damage can be the result of faulty installation, inadequate materials, or poor maintenance. Here are some common roofing problems we see and how to recognize them in advance. If you need professional assistance with maintaining or repairing your roof, contact Eagle Watch Roofing, a roofer Peachtree City can trust.

Common Roofing Problems [infographic]


A sagging roof is usually the result of some serious damage. We typically think of a roof as the shingles. But the shape and stability of a roof come from the decking and the framework beneath the shingles. Sagging is most often the result of damage to the decking and frame.

One common cause of sagging is moisture damage and rot on the decking and frame. This is usually the result of damaged shingles that are letting water through or of poor ventilation and condensation in the attic.

Another common cause of sagging is damage from insects, like termites. Alternatively, damage can be sudden, like from a falling branch in a storm. In that case, what started as a few hidden cracks can worsen over time.

A sagging roof requires immediate attention. If your roof is sagging, it may be in danger of collapse.


Leaks usually develop where shingles or tiles on the home have become loose or been otherwise damaged. Cracks can also form in the flashing on vents, chimneys, and other features. Moisture can get in when the adhesives and seals on flashing break down. Often, poor installation is to blame. But over time, some adhesives and seals may just crack or loosen from age and wear. If leaks or water stains show up on the ceiling inside the building, the damage has probably been around for a while and needs to be fixed. Eagle Watch Roofing can do a full inspection to find the source of the leak and then make the necessary repairs. Contact Eagle Watch Roofing whenever you see a leak.

Standing Water

Standing water can become a problem on flat and low-slope roofs. Standing water on a roof can lead to several problems. First, standing water can lead to leaks as water seeps into tiny cracks or holes. Second, a puddle of water can act as a lens, focusing the sun’s light and increasing sun damage to the roof. Finally, standing water can collect dirt, algae, and other debris on the roof, leaving patches of debris when the water dries. The debris can hold moisture after rain and eventually lead to rot in the wet area. When a flat or low-slope roof is collecting water, the severity of the problem may lead to new drainage channels, simple patches, or a complete re-grading of the roof.


Roofing materials can easily blow off of a home in the middle of a storm or due to high winds. This is common with single-ply membranes on flat roofs and basic three-tab asphalt shingles. A curled, cracked, or loose shingle can quickly lead to damage and make the property vulnerable to leaks.

If you experience any of these common roofing problems, contact Eagle Watch Roofing. Eagle Watch Roofing is a  roofer Peachtree City can count on. We’re ready to help remedy any issues that may be present or may develop in the future. Homeowners can have peace of mind knowing that the interior of their building is protected from damage that can occur. We’ll even inspect the structure for other damage that may not be visible. Working with reliable roofers like Eagle Watch Roofing is a great way to prolong the lifespan of your roof.