Trust is a vital element of your partnership with your local roofing contractor. After all, you’re entrusting them with the main structural component that protects the entirety of your home and ensures the well-being and comfort of your family.

With this in mind, how can you rest assured regarding the trustworthiness of a roofing company in Newnan, Georgia before hiring them? By utilizing the following key criteria to guide your decision.

A History of Good Business Practices

For any trusted roofer, contractor, or roofing company in Newnan, Georgia, having a physical address, and a long history of serving the area is standard.

You can also determine whether or not they engage in good business practices by checking that they have the proper licenses and insurance to cover damages and liability.

A Credible Local Reputation

Responsible roofing repair companies will have deep roots in their local community, and will also value the relationships they have formed with both suppliers and customers.

In order to check a roofing company’s reputation, you can speak with their former customers and ask if they were satisfied with the work performed, if their roofing project was completed on time and whether they’d hire the roofing company in the future. This can also be achieved by reading company reviews and testimonials online or on their website.

Additionally, a dependable roofer should have BBB (Better Business Bureau) accreditation and an A+ rating, high ratings and recognition awards from well-known service networks such as

Certifications from Roofing Manufacturers

A roofing company has to go through a rigorous qualification process in order to gain certification from leading manufacturers like GAF.

These particular certifications will give you extra assurance of a roofer’s expertise, character and skill level as most manufacturers require that roofers have:

  • At least seven years of business operations under their belt
  • Ample insurance coverage
  • An acceptable credit rating, and no judgements, liens, unpaid suppliers or bank overdrafts
  • A good standing with the Better Business Bureau and a high rating on manufacturer customer satisfaction surveys
  • A clear dedication to ongoing training and high-quality workmanship

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