Despite legions of horror stories of roofers who take a customer’s money then vanish into thin air while leaving the roofing job half-finished or roofers who skimp on materials and leave a roof in worse shape than it was before, a good roofer is actually easy to find. A customer just needs to do their homework before taking one on. One thing to do is to look up a roofing contractor on the Better Business Bureau’s website.

Get a Third-Party Opinion

Now over a century old, the BBB is a non-profit corporation that was set up to protect people from fraudulent or unethical businesses. All a customer has to do is enter the name of the roofing contractor they’re interested in. The contractor should have no outstanding complaints against them. If they have had any complaints at all, they should have been settled to the satisfaction of both parties. Many contractors in good standing have the BBB badge on their website.

Other things that a potential customer should do when deciding on a roofing contractor is:

• Make sure they’re licensed, bonded and insured.
• Make sure they have Workers Compensation.
• Make sure they have an actual brick and mortar office and don’t work out of their truck.
• Make sure they have a number where they can be contacted in case the customer has questions or an emergency.

Another good thing to do is ask for references from previous customers. If it’s at all possible, the contractor can take the potential customer to the home of a former client and allow them to see the work that was done on the roof. A contractor should be eager to show a new customer their references.

The roofer should also be willing to draw up a detailed contract with the new client. The contract should contain the start and probable end date, a list of materials and the cost, with about 20 percent added on to compensate for the inevitable surprises. It is also up to the roofing contractor to obtain all permits that are necessary and to make sure that they and their staff are abreast with the latest building codes. A good roofing contractor is easy to find. It just takes the smallest bit of investigation to find one. If you need your roof repaired or replaced, don’t hesitate to call your local roofer in Newnan, GA.