A trusted roofer is a valuable asset. Finding a good one can be hard, though. How do you know if you are going to get a good one, or one that is going to take your deposit and run? This post addresses this very topic.

Have You Seen Your Roofer, Lately?

I know you have heard the horror stories. Your neighbor has experienced it. Maybe, you have, too. You hire a contractor and they talk a good talk. They give you a great looking proposal and offer to do the work for a great price. You give them the first payment and you never see them again. It happens more than you think.

How to Find a Great Roofer

The first method: look at the business’s BBB page. Are they accredited? Do they have complaints? If so, have the resolved them to the BBB’s satisfaction. Eagle Watch Roofing is an accredited company. You can find our page here.

The second method: find ample proof that they have satisfied customers. All you have to do is jump over to our Facebook page to see testimonials and ongoing projects. One of the testimonials you will find there is a video by the Wall family. You can also see it on YouTube.

The third method: have them vetted by an unbiased third-party. Eagle Watch Roofing is a Trust Dale Certified business. The Trust Dale organization uses a 7-point investigative method to determine if a business is trustworthy and solid enough to earn their seal of approval. Listen to our owner, Justin, as he is interviewed on the Trust Dale show.

It does take a little more time to look into a provider, but having one you can trust is so very important. We encourage you to take some time and look around. Read some of our testimonials. See what other people are saying about us. Then, call us for a free quote.