Good gutters are just as important as a good roof. Leaky or damaged gutters can cause damage to your house, so make sure your gutters are in good shape and working properly. Keep them clean, too, so they don’t rust, and so rain can flow freely through them. So when should you replace your gutters? Here are a few guidelines:

• If your gutters are leaking and cannot be repaired, they should be replaced with quality gutters.
• If water is sitting in your gutters, that’s a good sign they are not working properly.
• Look for mold in your basement or water in your basement. Both of these things can be caused by gutters that are not functioning properly, and are causing water to go into your home’s foundation.
• If your gutters are sagging or leaning, and they cannot be fixed properly, then you’ll want to replace them.
• If gutter seams are tearing apart or are loose at the seams, and they can’t be fitted back together properly, then you will want to replace them.
• Dents, bends, cracks, holes, and other areas that cannot be repaired, mean that it’s time to replace those old, worn gutters.
• If your home has peeling paint or rotted wood, it could be caused from improperly working gutter systems.
• Nails and broken fasteners on the ground probably mean they have come from your gutters, so you might need to replace the gutter system.
• Mold around a foundation can mean your gutters aren’t keeping rain water flowing properly through your system. Look for puddles of water around your home after a rainfall, or listen for rain smacking hard to the ground. These issues can be caused by faulty gutters that need to be replaced.

Make sure your gutters are good in quality and working properly. This will save wear and other issues on your home and foundation. If you think your gutters need repairing or replacing, Eagle Watch Roofing, your local roofer in Newnan, GA is ready to help.