Is My Siding Affected By My Roof?

The roofing of the home can affect other aspects of the home. A damaged roof can contribute to leaky roofing to Newnan GA properties. Leaks can cause water to travel down the siding of the home. This makes the siding of the home particularly vulnerable to leaks. The roof can affect the siding of the home.

Common causes for roof damage

The leaking roof can result from missing shingles. There could be damaged flashing or clogged gutters that can contribute to a siding problem. The gradual wear and tear of the siding caused by roofing damage can affect the appearance of the property. If the roofing underlayment connected to the siding occurs, there can be damage to the siding.

How does the water damage the siding?

The water can become trapped in the underlayment under the siding. The siding materials gradually become affected by if water infiltration becomes a problem. The siding materials are no longer able to prevent water infiltration if the underlayment is continually exposed to excess levels of moisture.

How the siding can be protected

Homeowners can add protective overhangs to their home. The roof overhangs safeguards against issues like water infiltration. They protect the walls from water infiltration, premature failure and staining. Wide eave overhangs ensure that the water is redirected from the foundation and from the siding.

Having the roof checked

The siding of the home is often affected by the roofing. If there is a significant storm, thunderstorm or hail activity, the roofing should be examined. There could be damage to the foundation, underlayment and siding if water infiltration ends up becoming an issue.

The roofing protects the home from the elements. If the roofing problem isn’t resolved, there can be significant damage to the foundation, siding, and landscaping of the property. Having a roofing expert inspect the roof occasionally protects the home. Schedule a roofing Newnan GA consultation today if you suspect you might have roofing damage.

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