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Can a Faulty Roof Damage Your Siding

Can a Faulty Roof Damage Your Siding?

By Eagle Watch Roofing / September 30, 2020 / Comments Off on Can a Faulty Roof Damage Your Siding?

Your roof is the most important part of your home. It not only keeps the rain out of your home but also protects your home’s other structures from decay. That’s why keeping your roof in good repair is critical to maintaining your entire home. If left unattended, problems with your roof could lead to major…

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Are Squirrels in Your Newnan GA Roof?

By Eagle Watch Roofing / August 12, 2016 / Comments Off on Are Squirrels in Your Newnan GA Roof?

Roofer Newnan, GA When you have a squirrel infestation in your home, calling a roofer Newnan, GA professional is important. Sadly, too many homeowners try to DIY this project and end up with disastrous results they were not expecting. Instead, calling professionals to help you remedy the issue is cost-effective and restores the home to…

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Is My Siding Affected By My Roof?

By Eagle Watch Roofing / April 14, 2016 / Comments Off on Is My Siding Affected By My Roof?

The roofing of the home can affect other aspects of the home. A damaged roof can contribute to leaky roofing to Newnan GA properties. Leaks can cause water to travel down the siding of the home. This makes the siding of the home particularly vulnerable to leaks. The roof can affect the siding of the…

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Siding Repair

By Eagle Watch Roofing / February 15, 2016 / Comments Off on Siding Repair

Damaged Siding? Why Prompt Repairs Are Important Your home’s siding plays a bigger role than aesthetics: it also protects your home from moisture and pests while helping to retain heat, just like your roof. No matter what type of siding you have, it’s job is keeping moisture from penetrating into your home while keeping insects…

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