Have you been wondering if the summer is the best time of year for roofing repairs? On the other hand, are you getting calls about roof maintenance requests in the summer and do not know why this is common each year?

Roofers in Newnan have plenty of work to do in the summer months with re-roofing, construction contracts and doing residential repairs. Nevertheless, there are a few specific reasons that roofers actually call homeowners in the summer, and the answers might surprise you.

Loose roof tiles cause liabilities

No one wants to deal with a lawsuit that can be avoided, and sometimes loosened roofing materials can cause those types of issues. Newnan’s reputation for weather is no laughing matter, and after periods of strong winds or storms, it can pay to get your roof materials examined.

Especially after these windy periods in Newnan, a roofer might call your home to make sure you are aware that your roofing tiles could need an inspection.

Although these maintenance inspections in the past required a ladder, one interesting thing about modern roof inspection technology is capability of using non-intrusive drones to examine roof conditions.

Having maintenance done while you are on vacation

Roofing in Newnan, Georgia can happen any time of the year, but some homeowners prefer to not be distracted by contractors.

For example, children with certain types of disabilities and pets might be disturbed by construction noises on a roof. In these cases, homeowners usually schedule their home repairs, maintenance, installation, and inspections of their roof to be done during the summer vacation weeks.

Available any time of year for emergencies

Naturally, roofers will want to do work on your roof in the warm months because the one time of year that no one wants to get on a roof is when it is slippery from inclement winter weather.

For this reason, when it is warm, roofing in Newnan, Georgia is much more fun for the contractor. However, keep in mind that we are more than happy to help you with a roof emergency any time of the year.

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