Dangers of DIY Roofing

Most people have heard that do-it-yourself roofing work is potentially dangerous, but many fail to understand the gravity of the risks or the number of ways DIY roofing can cause injury. Here are a few facts about the dangers of DIY roofing and why hiring experts in roofing Newnan, GA, is the right choice.

Personal Danger

Personal injury is a threat most people have heard about, but many don’t realize how easy it is to fall. Many roofs has steep slopes, and it only takes a moment of inattentiveness to slip. Roofing falls are dangerous, and death is a common outcome even at typical roof heights. Those who survive are likely to sustain significant injuries than can cause lifelong problems.

Structural Problems

In addition to posing a danger to people, DIY roofing repair also poses a danger to the structure of the home. Roofs don’t just sit on top of a home; they help keep the walls of the home and other components in place. While it might be tempting to save a bit of money through DIY roofing, the long-term costs can be significant as those without experience are likely to make mistakes along the way.

Dangers to a Home’s Inhabitants

Electrical wiring and other components often end at the roof, and it can be easy to damage electrical components while performing work. In the short term, these mistakes can cause electrocution to those performing work. However, a clipped wire or other small mistake can also lead to a fire, which threatens all inhabitants. Professional roofers know how to avoid these mistakes and ensure that electrical components remain intact.

DIY work can be rewarding, and it’s a reasonable option for many home maintenance tasks. However, roofing is particularly dangerous, and those who perform work without training are at a high risk of injury or even worse. Make sure to contact your local experts in roofing, Eagle Watch Roofing, in Newnan, GA, if you need any work done on your roof.

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