Wind Damage
Strong winds may pull the fasteners of the gutters off of the roof. This allows the gutters to droop or even become disengaged from the roof or the downspout. Some of the signs of wind damage to your gutters are:

  • Loose or missing fasteners
  • Dislodged gutters
  • Disconnection from downspout
  • Separation of gutter segments

After a severe weather event, it is important to have your local roofing contractor come and take a look at your home for possible roof damage. To the untrained eye, the roof might look fine. However, an expert knows what signs to look for after a hailstorm, wind storm or an ice storm. Any type of severe weather event has the potential to damage your home’s gutters.

Hail Damage

Hailstorms are a common cause of damaged gutters. The larger the hailstone, the worse the damage. Although the roof will take the brunt of hailstone damage, the gutters will not be left untouched. Some of the most common signs of gutter damage caused by a hailstorm include:

  • Dented metal
  • Holes in vinyl
  • Accumulation of hailstones
  • Sagging or pulling away from the roof’s edge

Ice Storms
An accumulation of freezing rain or ice can also damage your home’s gutters. Although ice storms do not make the deep dents that hailstones cause, they can damage your gutters in other ways. Ice storm damage may cause:

  • Sagging gutters
  • Loosening of fasteners
  • Ice dams that lead to roof leaks

A professional inspection performed by your local roofing contractor can identify all of the different types of gutter damage caused by severe weather. Prompt repairs of damaged gutters are essential to maintaining the structural integrity of your roof and your home’s exterior walls and foundation. If your roof has any problems, your local roofer in Newnan, GA is ready to help.