Can A Damaged Roof Affect My Gutters-Gutters line nearly every edge of your rooftop. They serve as conduits for rainwater as it’s safely funneled to the ground and into nearby drainage channels. Homeowners are constantly being advised about the perils of clogged gutters, but a damaged roof can also affect these parts. Consider roofing Newnan GA professionals for your property when the gutters appear to malfunction.

• Water Pooling in Low-Lying Areas

A rooftop with sagging sections can definitely affect the gutters. When rains strike the area, the water will immediately pool in these low-lying areas. As a result, your gutters won’t receive the rains as they should. In fact, they might remain dry for much of the rainy season. Leaves and other debris may become caught in the gutter sections, which leads to extensive clogging. To improve your drainage, the low-lying rooftop areas must be repaired. Water flowing evenly down the rooftop can then enter the gutters on a regular basis. Any small debris will simply flow down the gutters along with the water.

• Failure for Water to Enter Gutters

An overlooked part of the rooftop is the soffit or overhang. This area shelters the windows from sunlight while offering a secure surface for the gutters themselves. If the wood along the soffit rots, the gutters might bow out. Their fasteners literally dislodge from the wood, and the gutters hang in midair. When rain falls, it will flow off of the rooftop instead of entering the gutters. Roofers must fix the wood and reattach the gutters. The rain can flow into the gutters at this point. Neglecting the repair will only lead to further damage to the roof, gutters and foundation below.

Old-fashioned gutters had seams connecting each section across the rooftop. Today’s gutters are seamless types that are customized at each property. If you have any concerns about your gutters, contact roofing Newnan GA experts today. They can evaluate and devise a clever repair plan for your needs.