It’s a sad reality, but if your home’s roof is in need of repair, the inside of your house is likely to be the indicator of the damage, especially if you live in the Newnan, Georgia area where we often see severe hail and other weather conditions.

In order to check for roof damage, you will want to inspect the weakest parts of your ceilings thoroughly, particularly around any skylights. Additionally, you will want to inspect your attic, as it is probably the least frequented room in your entire home and typically bears the brunt of the weather.

Here are some other tell-tale signs, from the Newnan, Georgia roofing experts, to help you uncover any roof damage on the interior of your home:

Seepage or Leaking

While seepage or leaking may seem like an obvious indicator of damage, it might not be if the problem is located in rooms you don’t often visit, such as the attic.

Due to the fact that many attics are built as an extension of the roof, these spaces can receive a ton of abuse from the elements over the course of the year including wind, rain, and hail. The most ideal time to check your ceiling for leakage is immediately after or even during a heavy rain or hail storm.

Paint Blistering and Ceiling Stains

In high temperature and humidity areas, a common occurrence in the South East, paint blistering occurs all too often on the outside of the home, though it can also appear on interior ceilings and walls if the roof has become damaged.

A damaged roof will also produce brown, orange, or yellow interior ceiling stains, which indicates that water has found its way inside your home.


Mold can be both a dangerous and hazardous result of a damaged roof.

While most times, mold will appear on the surface of your ceilings and walls, other times you may also notice its presence simply because it can cause serious health issues, including eye irritation, respiratory problems, chronic cough, throat irritation, constant congestion, and sneezing.

If you or a family member are experiencing these symptoms even after allergy season has passed, it may be a smart idea to have your roof thoroughly inspected by a professional.

High Utility Bills

Your utility bill can be a very unpleasant and surprising indicator of your roof needing some attention. If you’ve noticed a sudden, unexplained jump in the cost of air conditioning or heating, it might be due to a damaged or improperly installed roof.

With intense Georgia weather, roofing problems are all too common. If you begin to notice any of the signs listed above, it may be a smart idea to contact your local roofers.

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