It is often said that our home is our sanctuary. The arrival of insects and pests is enough to send anyone running to the nearest hotel. Damage caused by mice, termites, and other pests can cost home owners thousands of dollars in roofing repairs. Once you have your issue under control, contact an expert in roofing in Newnan GA, who can, hopefully, restore your home back to living condition.

Termite Damage

A termite is a winged insect that feeds on wood and is often referred to as the silent houseguest. These insects live out of sight. Most homeowners don’t find termite problems until a significant amount of damage has already occurred to the home. Termites penetrate through wooden roof shingles, but will not penetrate painted wood.

Rodent Damage

Several different types of rats including brown rats and black rats, climb up gutters and through sewers to reach the roof of your home. Once they reach the roof of your home, they may find their way to your attic and chew on overhangs, leaves, electrical wires, insulation, and bedding. Any kind of rat accessing your roof or home can lead to potential health damages.

Squirrel Damage

Squirrels are rodents that have easier access to your roof and can jump from up to 25 feet away. Once they reach your roof they can chew through the insulation that keeps you warm and cold, and compromise your water lines.

Any of these pests can cause a wide variety of issues that can potentially damage your roof and lead to thousands of dollars in repairs. Should you get visited by any of these pests, it’s important to stay on top of the issues so the damage doesn’t escalate further. If you have any roofing damage or repairs, your expert in roofing in Newnan, GA is ready to help.