Update Your Curb Appeal With New Gutters

When it comes to boosting curb appeal, many locals focus on things like the siding and roofing of Newnan, GA, homes. Few fail to realize that something as simple as gutters can make a big difference. New gutters greatly increase curb appeal for a few reasons.

  • They Complement Exterior Aesthetics
    When selected and implemented intelligently, new gutters have a way of tying the whole house together. Property owners have many options including standard aluminum, steel, vinyl and copper that can jive with the decor of any structure.
  • They Can Indicate a Healthier Roof
    Soffit and fascia deterioration are a leading cause of roof mold and rot. Homes with quality rain gutters suffer from these issues far less than those that don’t. Savvy buyers understand the importance of good gutters.
  • They Imply a Strong Foundation
    Drainage issues are arguably the number one reason why cracks in the foundation develop. Channeling water away from the base of the house is a key concern. Installing gutters is the first step towards combating foundation damage.
  • They Curtail Landscaping Problems
    Those lovely ornamentals that you’ve planted around the perimeter of your house won’t thrive if their watering regimen is out of whack. Furthermore, drippings from the roof wash away precious topsoil that’s a pain to replace.
  • They’re a Sign of Prudent Upkeep
    If you’ve gone to the trouble to install rain gutters, it’s likely that you’ve kept your eye on other pesky home problems in the making. Both potential buyers and appraisers will take this into account.

Improving Your Gutter Situation the Right Way

Like most roofing projects, installing new gutters isn’t appropriate for casual DIYers. Whether you need new gutters or a major roof overhaul, contact Eagle Watch Roofing who has experience with roofing in Newnan, GA, to do the job right.

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