While an older home surely provides a significant amount of character, history, and charm, it will almost always require some updating and maintenance.

One of the most likely targets for updating, when owning an older home, is your gutters. Unfortunately, outdated gutters can be problematic when they become clogged or broken and can lead to severe water damage.

The best way to determine the need for gutter replacement is to have them inspected by one of our professionals at Eagle Watch Roofing. We specialize in gutter installations in Newnan, Georiga and can check your gutter system for any reprehensible damage.

If your gutters are prone to leaking during a strong rainfall, this can lead to the collection of puddles next to your home’s foundation. Sadly, this can cause severe damage that could end up costing you thousands of dollars in the long run.

With this in mind, it’s extremely important to have your gutters fully replaced in order to ensure they function properly and protect your home from water damage for years to come

At Eagle Watch, we offer homeowners a wide range of gutter replacement options, in order to provide the best gutter system for any particular home style.

These options include seamless gutters, which are the most popular choices among homeowners on the market today.

Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters have become such a sought-after option due to the fact that they are substantially more effective than other styles available.

Because there are no seams, these gutters present absolutely no chance of leakage. What’s more, seamless gutters are typically made of a strong material that can be compared to that of siding.

At Eagle Watch, we provide seamless gutter installations in Newnan, Georgia on site. The materials and cutting tools are first delivered to your location, which is where our experts will measure and cut your new gutters to fit each particular section of your home.

Our professional installers are trained to finish your seamless gutter installation quickly and properly, guaranteeing the protection of your home and your complete satisfaction.

Leaky Gutters Cause Problems

It goes without saying, but old, dilapidated gutters will often leak during inclement weather conditions.

While leaks are surely a detrimental problem, clogs can also cause your gutters to function improperly, as water will not be allowed to flow through them and instead may pool near your roofline. This often causes damage to the wood located near the roof of the home.

In addition to rotted wood, poorly functioning gutters keep water from draining correctly. This water can stagnate and soak the ground near the foundation of the home, causing erosion. Water may also seep into your basement or may wear away at the foundation.

Regrettably, these issues can be expensive to repair, which is why replacing your gutters at the first sign of a leak should be a no-brainer for any smart homeowner.

Cleaning Your Old Gutters

Old gutters need to be cleaned periodically, which will require you to climb a ladder in order to fully access your home’s gutters.

Beyond the dangers of climbing a tall ladder, gutter cleaning also requires you to remove the dirt and debris that has collected over time, which can be extremely time-consuming and off-putting.

If you want to avoid the risks involved with consistently cleaning your gutters, having them replaced from a reputable company like Eagle Watch is a great option.

We have completed thousands of gutter installation in Newnan, Georgia, helping homeowners avoid the issues related to clogged or leaking gutters.

Gutters are essential parts of your home, yet they are often overlooked. New gutters will add years to the life of your home and prevent expensive future damage repairs.

Contact Eagle Watch Roofing today for new gutter installations in Newnan, Georgia. We provide all types of roofing services and improvements including gutter replacements and roof repair.