Not sure it’s worth it to unclog your gutter? Think again. If you’re in need of work on roofing in Newnan, GA, you know the untold damage leaves cause to roofs every year. In fact, leaves can do more than just ruin your roof. They can destroy foundations, flatten landscapes and rot sidings. But what can they to your roof?

Cause Mold and Mildew

If you’ve ever seen leaves piled up on your roof, you may have also noticed they damn up water and decompose. As they decompose, they allow debris and seeds into tiny nooks and crannies, creating holes. These holes grow larger and spread and allow water to enter. When the water gets trapped, it leads to the growth of mold and mildew, which can destroy your roof and become an extremely costly repair. What’s more, if you don’t catch them in time, they can do even worse damage.


Allowing leaves to pile up your roof unchecked can also lead to leaks. Just like the trapped water creates mold and mildew, it steadily wears away at the roof to create holes and leaks. Not only does this mean you need to undergo costly roof repairs, it can also cause water damage inside your home, to ceilings, floors, carpet and even furniture. Give it to long and you’ll find mold inside, too.

Clogged Gutters

Obviously, rainwater can’t flow through clogged gutters. And just like with piled-up debris, the danger is it keeps water on the roof. Additionally, if the gutters can get too heavy, they can pull off the roof, damage the siding, the roof, windows and lights on the way down. The damage done can lead to immediate and future problems.

Insect Infestations

When leaves pile up on roofs they also attract insects. As the weather cools, they’ll find ways inside your nice, toasty home. What’s more, wood-eating pests, like carpenter ants and termites, love the leaves and sticks inside clogged gutters and piled on roofs. And no one wants a home that’s been infested by termites.

Every fall and spring clean out your gutters and get rid of anything growing or piled on your roof. If you see you need some repairs, don’t let them get worse. Your local roofer is ready to fix those and all hidden problems, so call your expert on roofing in Newnan, GA immediately.