While protecting your home from rain damage, gutters take a beating from the elements. They can handle severe storms, and yet a handful of dead leaves can wreck the whole system. Clogged gutters are likely to get damaged and break down faster, while also putting your home at risk. Let’s talk about the effects so you know the importance of repairing roofing in Newnan GA when your gutters have been compromised.

Clogged Leaves Damage Your Gutters

Without leaves and other debris, your gutters would stay pretty clean on their own. Once a blockage starts, all that rain and other stuff creates a problem.
There’s more than just leaves stuck in your gutter:

  • dead bugs
  • animal droppings
  • dirt
  • trash
  • bee and wasp nests
  • rodent nests

Most importantly, there’s standing water around all of this junk. So all of that organic material and trash have moisture to start forming mold and fungus. This leaves you with stained gutters, rusting metal, and eventually a failing gutter system that can damage your home’s siding, flashing, and roof.

Gutter Blockage Affects Your Home and Garden

Your home’s foundation depends on the gutters to send water away from the house. If rain starts falling into a puddle around the edge of the foundation, that can cause outrageously expensive foundation problems.
Your lawn and garden are also designed around the gutter’s outlet points. If you’ve spent time and money tending to a garden, all that good work might go down the tubes when the garden floods.

Gutters may seem simple, but they play an important part in the overall exterior of your home. That’s why you should call for roofing in Newnan GA to help fix your gutters. We know how to repair any damage. We can also take steps to prevent your gutters from getting clogged so easily in the future. That way you can rest easy in the fall and throughout the year.