When replacing the roof on your Newnan, Georgia home or business, the roofer you hire may suggest wood shakes for a number of reasons. For one, their durability makes wood shakes an attractive option and their natural look can significantly enhance the appearance of any home or office.

Wood shakes prove to be an especially smart choice for areas that experience a lot of storm or wind damage, including hail. However, in order to extend the life of your shakes, it’s imperative to keep them properly maintained on a consistent basis.

Ways to Maintain Wood Shakes

By keeping up with proper maintenance of your roof’s preserving wood shakes, you will be protecting them from rot and weathering. While they can resist a great deal of the weather seen in North Georgia, eventually the weather will cause your wood shakes to break down.

Clumps of leaves as well as other debris retain moisture, encouraging the growth of fungus and moss, which can further break down the shakes.

Here are a few things you can do to protect your wood shakes:

Use Chemical Solutions

There are many chemical solutions out there that will help delay the growth of molds, fungi, and moss. The roofing professional you hire can apply these solutions when your roof has been installed or, if you prefer, you can always do it yourself.

Perform a Proper Cleaning

Cleaning pine needles, leaves, and other debris from your roof before the weather gets too damp will do wonders when it comes to preventing moisture from collecting beneath the piles of collected debris, a leading cause of wood shake deterioration and damage.

Trim Away Branches

Trimming away low hanging branches will allow for both air circulation and sunlight, which will aid in drying up any moisture on your roof. It’s important to note that pigments and ultraviolet absorbents can reduce any damage caused by sunlight.

Use Replenishing Oil

By applying a replenishing oil to your preserving wood shakes, you’ll help restore the natural oils in the wood which maintain its structural integrity. Keep in mind,  some oils can also act as a food source for mildew, fungi and mold, so it is best to use a good fungicide in addition to a replenishing oil.

Additionally, you should stay away from petroleum-based oils as these are notorious for making wood shakes more flammable.

Wood Shakes For Your Newnan, Georgia Home or Business

At Eagle Watch Roofing, we believe in preserving wood shakes can be an ideal option for any roof. When properly cared for and maintained, wood shakes are both durable and visually appealing and can last a significant amount of time, without the need for regular roof repair.

When re-roofing your Newnan, Georgia home or business, you should discuss whether wood shakes are a smart option for your home with your roofer. They will have the expertise to help you make the best decision for your home’s roof.

If you are looking for a roofer, contact Eagle Watch Roofing today. We have been serving the roofing needs of the Newnan, Georgia area for many years — with quality roof repairs and installs — and, with our expertise, would love to help you achieve the roof of your dreams!