If you’ve ever experienced a leak in your roof that trickles into your attic and ceiling, in all likelihood, you are in need of new shingles, and in some cases, you may even need a new roof.

While the average asphalt shingle roof should last from 20 to 25 years, shingles that buckle, curl up along the edge or appear to be detached from the roof should be immediately replaced.

Inspecting Roof Shingles

Determining if your roof needs new shingles begins with inspecting the slope of your roof from a distance, while attempting to spot any missing shingles, especially in the valley area of the roof (which is where water will runoff into your rain gutters).

A homeowner should never climb onto their roof, as this is dangerous work for anyone who does not have the proper safety equipment. This should be left to the roofing professionals, who have the knowledge and equipment necessary to properly inspect your shingles. With that being said, there’s a few signs to look for before you hire a roofer to inspect your roof for shingle damage.

Storm Damage to Roof Shingles

If you live in an area with frequent and severe storms, you may have granules from the roofing material falling into your rain gutters. This is a clear indication that your roof’s shingles should be fully inspected by a professional roofing technician. If you’re lucky, you may only need a few shingles in one area replaced while the rest of your roof will still be in good condition.

Branches from trees that have landed on your roof could also damage shingles. While this might be a rather small job in an isolated area of your roof, it should also be immediately repaired. A far more serious issue is when a tree itself or several large and heavy branches fall on your roof. Regardless, you should never attempt to remove debris or branches from the roof yourself; instead enlist your local roofing professional to do the job for you.

Quick Response

Eagle Watch Roofing has expert service technicians on call to inspect roofing emergencies in North Georgia. This includes Newnan, Fayetteville, Peachtree City and all surrounding Atlanta areas. Our trained technicians will inspect your roof and give you an honest estimate of the repairs to be made.

Eagle Watch Roofing has the experience and professionals necessary to provide our customers with quality roofing repairs every time. We specialize in roof repairs and new roof installations. Contact us for a thorough roof inspection before winter weather is predicted. We’ll ensure your roof is ready for any severe storms that may come our way this season.

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