The weather is a big threat to your roof. With hail storms and the strong wind screaming down your roof, your shingles can receive much damage. Hail storms and wind damage are the main reasons homeowners in GA file for roof insurance claims.

Wind Damage on Roofs

With beautifully-designed roofing Newnan residents may believe that every type of roof will withstand extreme winds, such as a tornado. But a high-speed wind will gradually damage the roof structure.
As the strong wind moves over your roof, the perimeter will receive a lot of pressure. The howling wind can exert a lot of pressure on the corners and the edges of the roof too.

The Roofing Material Peels Off

What does the shrieking wind do to your home roofing? The wind will raise any loose roofing material up. When the high-speed wind exposes the underside of your roofing, rain damage on your roof and ceiling will follow.

Soon you will start to see a gradual peeling effect on your shingles. With a series of subsequent wind waves, the edge of your roof will get pushed up leading to the exposure of the insulation.

The strong winds can scrub the ballasted roofs at the perimeter, and you may need a contractor to provide repair on your roofing Newnan GA residents can trust the roof expert to check the ballast and repair the roof damage.

The Trees that Fall on Roofs

Wind-blown debris can lead to roof damage. Even if the roof remains standing, you may notice some cuts and punctures on the roof structure as a result of the flying debris. As the strong wind moves about, tree branches can also fall on roofs.

The wind-blown debris that accumulates and clogs the drains will cause future roof damage. If your roof has any of problems arising from wind damage, your local roofer in Newnan, GA is ready to help.