Proper roofing is essential to the structural integrity of every home.

Many people take for granted the importance of proper roofing. That is until the neglect causes expensive repairs to the inside of the home.

One of the most common roofing repairs is the maintenance or replacement of roof flashing.

Flashing is the metal sheets installed at the joints and edges of the roofing.

The primary purpose of flashing is to facilitate the flow of water off the roof.

It is extremely important to have flashing installed properly.

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Why It Is Important to Have Your Flashing Installed Properly [infographic]

Flashing Prevents Flooding

Flashing is usually installed where two slopes meet, often called valleys.

When it rains, water flows toward these valleys and collects into a rushing stream.

All that water can be dangerous to your roof. Flashing helps direct the water off of your roof and toward your gutters.

It also protects your roof from the flowing water.

Another common location for flashing is around joints or breaks in the roof, such as chimneys, skylights, or dormers.

This prevents water from seeping in around those little cracks. Chimneys often include a unique type of flashing called a cricket.

A cricket is a wedge-shaped piece of flashing.

Its base is flush with the upper side of the chimney, and its point points up the slope of the roof.

The cricket directs water around the chimney and prevents it from piling up behind the chimney as it flows down the roof.

Roofing is Complicated

Water damage can cost thousands of dollars to repair.

However, flashing is one of the most inexpensive parts of the roof to maintain.

But just because flashing is a relatively inexpensive fix doesn’t mean that it is not complicated.

There is a precise way that the layers of a roof fit together.

Although there are many DIY blogs about roof repair, it is much better to let a professional handle roofing maintenance.

Improperly installing roofing can cause more expenses when the entire roof has to be repaired because of mistakes made by unqualified roofers.

Make Sure Your Flashing is Installed Properly

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Make sure not to let flashing become a costly repair inside your home.

Careful attention and regular maintenance can assure that everything and everyone inside can enjoy a warm and dry life!


In conclusion, the importance of proper roofing, particularly the correct installation and maintenance of roof flashing, cannot be overstated.

flashing installed properly

The structural integrity of a home relies heavily on a well-maintained roof, and neglecting this aspect can lead to costly repairs and potential damage to the interior.

Roof flashing, strategically placed at joints and edges, plays a crucial role in preventing water damage by directing the flow of water away from vulnerable areas.

While it is one of the more affordable components of roof maintenance, its complexity emphasizes the need for professional handling to ensure the entire roofing system works seamlessly.

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What is the primary purpose of roof flashing?

Roof flashing is installed at joints and edges of the roof to facilitate the proper flow of water, preventing water damage and directing it towards gutters.

Where is flashing commonly installed on a roof?

Flashing is typically installed in valleys where two slopes meet, as well as around joints, breaks, chimneys, skylights, and dormers to prevent water seepage.

Why is flashing important for chimney areas?

Chimneys often have specific flashing, called a cricket, which directs water around the chimney, preventing water buildup behind it as it flows down the roof.

Is roofing maintenance complicated?

While flashing maintenance is relatively inexpensive, it can be complicated due to the precise way roof layers fit together. Professional expertise is recommended to avoid costly mistakes.

Why should roofing maintenance be left to professionals?

Improper installation by unqualified individuals can lead to more significant expenses, including the need for complete roof repairs. Professionals understand the intricacies of roof maintenance.

How can water damage be prevented through roofing maintenance?

Regular maintenance, including proper installation and maintenance of flashing, is crucial to preventing water damage that can lead to costly repairs inside the home.

What can Eagle Watch Roofing offer for roofing needs in Newnan, GA?

Eagle Watch Roofing in Newnan, GA, is a reliable solution for all roofing needs, providing expert advice on materials, optimal maintenance timing, and identifying areas that require attention.

Can roofing maintenance save costs in the long run?

Yes, careful attention and regular maintenance, including flashing upkeep, can prevent costly repairs inside the home, ensuring a warm and dry living environment.

How can one ensure their flashing is installed correctly?

Hiring a professional roofing service like Eagle Watch Roofing ensures correct installation, expert knowledge on materials, and timely maintenance to avoid potential issues.

Why is it essential to address roofing issues promptly?

Timely attention and regular maintenance are crucial to maintaining the structural integrity of a home, preventing potential damages that can be both costly and inconvenient for homeowners.