Why Do I Need a Drip Edge?

The Drip Edge Code in Georgia, as of 2014, requires you to have drip edges at the gables and eaves of your asphalt shingled roof. Some people wrongly believe that drip edges are not important to a house’s roof, but they are a vital part that helps keep water out of your house, as well as helping to prevent soil erosion, and basement flooding. If water is allowed to drip down your house, it can also rot wood and ruin siding, so drip edges are a very important part of the roofing process. Never let anyone tell you they aren’t necessary.

Here are the benefits of drip edges broken down for you:

• Drip edges aid in waterproofing your home by improving the water shedding ability of rain and melted snow, allowing water to effectively run away from the building instead of running onto or into it, which can cause damage.
• Drip edges give your home a finished look. They go along the eaves of your home’s roof, and complete the look. They offer a nice look to your home’s exterior.
• Drip edges hang 3/4” beyond the fascia boards, thus allowing water from rain and melted snow to drain properly into your gutter system. Without drip edges, the water could easily flow behind the gutters ruining your home’s exterior, or allowing water into the foundation and basement of your home.
• Drip edges prevent movement between the deck and the fascia boards.

So not only do drip edges offer a clean, finished look to your home, they are vital in keeping your gutter system working properly, and keeping your home free from water damage!

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