Downspouts are attached to your gutters which lead rain down the spout in order to drain the water away from your home. They play an important part in keeping your home water free, and even mold free. Puddles of water breed mold and mosquitoes, so you’ll want to make sure your downspouts are in proper working order at all times. Here are some things to look for when wondering if you need to replace your downspouts…

• If you see holes, bubbling, cracks, or rust spots on your downspouts, it’s time to replace them. Curled edges are a bad sign, too.
• If your downspouts are pulling away from or detached from your gutters, it might be time to replace them. If they are beyond repair, then get some new ones.
• If the downspouts simply aren’t working properly to protect your home, then you need to replace them as soon as possible. You don’t want water going into your foundation or your basement from improperly working gutters or downspouts.
• If downspouts or your entire gutter system were installed improperly, they won’t work properly. See if they can be fixed by a professional, or ask if you might need different ones or new ones.
• You might just need to replace certain parts of your downspout. A professional will be able to determine if you need parts or an entirely new downspout.
• If you have plastic downspouts, look for discolorations or even faded areas. This means that the downspout is probably wearing and should be replaced.
• If your downspouts are 40 years old or even older, you will probably want to be pro-active and go ahead and replace them even if they look fine.

Some preventative measures you can take to make your gutters and downspouts last longer is to clean them at least two times per year, and check them for clogs, debris, cracks, bends, etc. three or more times per year.

Your gutter system will eventually need to be replaced, but you can help it reach it’s maximum potential with proper care and maintenance. Aluminum and plastic downspouts tend to last longer than those made of galvanized steel, but all materials will eventually wear and need to be replaced.

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