What Is Hail and How Can It Damage Your Roof?

Ever since recorded history, as written in the Bible, there’s been the mention of hail and how destructive it can be. Well, we at Eagle Watch Roofing, you local Newnan Roofers believe our customers should know what they can face if their roofs are not in good enough condition to withstand a threatening hailstorm.

What Is Hail

Basically, hail is small to large chunks of ice that drop from the sky during certain weather conditions. Often confused with sleet that falls in cold, winter weather, hail generally forms and falls during warmer temperature spans.

Areas Most Prone To Hail

Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming, known as “hail alley,” are subject to hailstorms usually during March and October during the afternoon and the evening hours. Most hail events, however, happen from May through September with Cheyenne, Wyoming averaging nine to ten hailstorms per season.

Where Hail Damage Occurs The Most

Being experienced experts in roofing, we have seen more than their share of damaged roofs over the years resulting from hail events. Most susceptible are:

  • Autos
  • Aircraft
  • Glass-roof structures such as skylights, and roofs of all types
  • Livestock
  • Crops

In the most violent hailstorms, even humans caught without adequate overhead protection may receive serious head trauma. Roof-wise, damaged roofs can include torn shingles, siding or gutters.

What Gets Hit The Hardest?

Be certain that the roofing contractor chosen knows how to work with the adjuster in coming to the final cost of the repair and settling the claim. Home owners and property owners should always check their insurance policies for adequate hail coverage.

Besides selecting the right materials for a repair project, having the services of licensed, certified and reputable roofers becomes mandatory. Tip: Consider replacing existing shingles with hail-resistant shingles.

Prepare now for future hail and storm events by visiting the web site of superior roofing experts, such as Newnan Roofers, or call for a free evaluation of your roof’s condition. The customer service representatives will be most glad to answer your every question and provide any additional information.

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