They say that we cannot judge a book by its cover. That may be true for books, but it is not for homes. Other than the golden real estate rule of location, people judge homes by sight and curb appeal. First impressions mean everything—especially to potential home buyers. Even if you are not planning to sell your home in GA, here are some points to consider when contacting a Newnan roofing specialist:

• Aesthetics : Even the most beautiful homes look unkempt with faded and missing shingles. It may also make the house look older than it actually is. There is a plethora of modern roofing options in today’s markets. Many shingle styles and colors went out of style years ago. The right colored shingles or metal roof can make the home’s interior pop and instantly increase its curb appeal.

• Potential Roof Problems: Some other things to consider are hidden problems in older roofs. You may not always see water damage right away from cracks and holes bec because they are not obvious. Water damage and mold problems from a leaky roof can cost thousands of dollars to repair. Mold is also a threat to your family’s health. A roofing expert in Newnan, GA can do a complete inspection and offer an estimate for your new roof.

• Added Value: Another great thing about installing a new roof is that it adds value to your home. Should you choose to sell it in the future, it can add extra money in your pocket. Attractive roofs add beautification and extra value to homes your neighborhood. The money that you would invest in a new roof can almost pay for itself in heating and cooling savings.

Neighbors feel good about seeing well-manicured lawns, attractive landscaping, and beautifully-maintained homes. Your roof is the crowning glory of your house. It accentuates all the hard work you put into the home and its curb appeal.