When spring weather spawns tornadoes, your roof can take a hit. Roofing in Newnan, GA knows the unpredictability of a turning tornado is exactly what makes it so destructive to your family’s first line of defense, the roof.
All types of roofing are in danger from tornadoes. Metal roofing can be ripped off and bent around trees if inadequately fastened down. Asphalt shingles can be gone with the wind in a heartbeat. Loose shakes or tiles can become deadly weapons, damaging property and people with the right amount of forceful wind.

There are certain factors that do damage to roofs initially, and cause them to come apart in high winds. This is the early wear or damage that roofing in Newnan GA can address. Some of these signs are easy to spot for the homeowner. Curling around the bottom edges, especially in winter, indicates aging shingles, as does cracking and thinning. Blistering may indicate poor manufacturing or ventilation. All of these seemingly small defects can cause roofing to blow off and leave you and your possessions with no protection during high winds.

Here are some of the roof repair areas to look for:

  • Gutters filled with leaves. Clogged gutters cause much structural damage to roofs through backed-up ice and water. Get them professionally cleared in fall.
  • Routinely check for damaged tiles or shingles, and have them replaced.
  • Check flashing around vents and chimneys. If it is bent or punctured, have a professional replace it to prevent leaks in high winds.
  • Ask a roofing company to thoroughly inspect the attic for leaks and to do minor repairs.Roofs, like all necessities, are often taken for granted. Few homeowners climb up on steep roofs to check for aging shingles and damages due to tree limbs, water or animals. That is why it is vitally important to have your roof professionally inspected and repaired.
    If you feel your roof needs inspection, repairs or replacement, your local roofer in Newnan, GA, Eagle Watch Roofing, stands ready to help.