Your roof is not that old, but even roofs that are less than a decade old can need roofing repairs Newnan GA if certain events take place. Choosing to seek help from a roofer is your best bet for ensuring the roof does last for many more years. Here are some examples of issues that need attention from a roofing professional.

Wet Rafters in the Attic

During your last trip to the attic, you noticed that the place smelled mustier than usual. That led to checking the rafters and finding they were moist to the touch. Somehow, precipitation is getting under the roofing and into the attic. A roofer can identify the point of entry and come up with a way to seal it before any real damage is done.

Watermarks on the Ceiling

After a hard day at work, you stretch out on the couch for some rest. As you stare at the ceiling, you notice a couple of watermarks. While the problem could be a leak in the air conditioning ductwork, it could also mean a leaky roof. Call a pro and find out what’s happening before the attic insulation and the ceiling have to be replaced.

Shingles in the Yard

The morning after a storm, you notice pieces of shingles littering the front and back yards. That calls for some fast action. Contact a firm that specializes in roofing repairs Newnan GA and arrange to have the broken shingles replaced a quickly as possible. Talk to the roofer about applying clear coating on the entire roof as a way to make it stronger. Doing so ensures that the roof is ready for the next big storm.

Remember that roofing issues don’t get better by themselves. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, call your local roofing professional in Newnan and get some answers. Your quick action will save a lot of time and money down the road.