Gutters and downspouts play a significant role in protecting your home. When they work properly you don’t even give them a second thought; however, when they are damaged or worn you can be hit with costly repairs caused by water damage or ice damming. The following are a few indicators that it may be time to replace your gutter system.

Leaks or Standing Water:

One of the first places you will notice a problem is in your basement. Damaged, clogged, or worn gutters are a primary cause of basement leaks. The moisture may also lead to the growth of dangerous mold in your basement. Water that remains standing in your gutters after a rain is also a sure sign that your guttering needs replacing.

Physical Damage:

Hail, ice, and other elements can take their toll on your guttering. If your gutter system is bent, cracked, dented, rusted, sagging, or pulling away from your house, it should be replaced. You may even notice gaps between your guttering and fascia boards and find fasteners or nails along the ground where the guttering has come loose.

Signs of Exterior Water Damage:

Look for signs of water damage on and around the exterior of your home, including:

• Rain that pours over the side of the guttering instead of flowing from the downspouts.
• Puddles around your home after a rain.
• Mold or other problems with your foundation caused by water not being diverted away from your home.
• Channeling or erosion in your landscaping.
• Peeling paint or rotting wood behind your guttering.

According to the National Association of Home Builders, galvanized and aluminum gutter systems have an average lifespan of 20 years, and copper systems typically last up to 50 years. If you experience problems with your guttering or just need routine maintenance, Eagle Watch Roofing, your local Peachtree City roofing specialist is available to help.