Roofing in Newnan, GA can last over 25 years. Your roof will likely need repair before the 25-year mark. It can be very difficult to decide whether your roof needs replacement or repair. However, there are some signs that you will need to look out for. Below are some signs that your roof needs to be replaced:

Your Roof Deck Has Started To Sag

A sagging roof can be an indication of water damage. If your roof has been damaged by water, then it requires urgent attention. Your roof will probably need to be replaced if the water damage is severe.

Missing Shingles

Your roof can lose shingles as the result of weather damage and aging. If you notice multiple missing shingles, then the roof is likely failing. Even though you can get missing shingles replaced, it is often best to have the entire roof replaced.

Shingles Are Curling

If you notice that your shingles are curling, then you likely need to get a new roof. The shingles are likely past their life expectancy. Your home is likely to get damaged if the shingles are curling.

You Have Moss On Your Roof

Moss can easily grow on a surface that is not getting much sunlight. This is especially true if one lives in a moist, cool climate. Moss can retain moisture. It can also freeze in the winter time, which can cause damage to your roof. Even though you can brush moss off, that will not stop it from growing back again. You may also damage the shingles by trying to remove the moss. That is why it is best to call a professional if you have moss on your roof.

There is no need to wait around if your roofing in Newnan, GA is damaged. Eagle Watch Roofing can repair the damage or replace the roof if necessary.