Your roof is very important as it protects your home and everything inside of it. Once your roof is damaged, it will allow water to enter your home. In these situations, a contractor can provide emergency roof service. This might include a protective cover or temporary roof repair to prevent structural and interior damage. In some cases, a contractor can install an emergency tarp over the damage until the weather clears up and a more lasting roof repair can be made. Here are some common situations that might warrant urgent roof repair:

Something Fell on Your Roof

During a thunderstorm or windstorm, there is always the threat for trees, branches and other debris to hit your roof. If this happens, it is quite possible that it will damage the felt paper or other roofing materials. These roofing materials are very important as they protect your home from leaks.

Your Shingles Tear Off

Anytime shingles tear or fall off your roof, they must be replaced immediately. A leak will occur once the underside of your shingles is exposed. If a few shingles are missing, you may be able to replace just a small section of your roof. A larger area of missing shingles may require a roof replacement.

Ice or Snow Storm

Snow and ice can cause a significant amount of roof damage. Heavy snowfall or ice accumulation can cause excess weight and lead to serious roof damage. If you notice icicles forming on your eaves, it is a sign that ice dams have formed on your roof.

So, what can you do if you experience any of the above roofing emergencies? It is important to contact a qualified roofing repair contractor immediately to perform emergency roof service. Although many of the above situations are often covered by homeowners insurance, if you do not take immediate measures to prevent further damage, insurers will likely reject the claim.