Hurricanes are a scary proposition even if you don’t live directly on the coast. Strong hurricanes that make landfall can push ferocious storms several hundred miles inland. This means that your Newnan, GA home can be damaged by storms caused by hurricanes if you do not protect it. Your roof is one of the most easily damaged components of your home during a storm. Here are the steps you should take to protect your roof when hurricanes threaten.

Inspect Your Roof

The first step in preparing your roof for the onslaught of fierce weather that a hurricane unleashes is a detailed inspection. You need to have someone go up on the roof and check out the situation. Look for shingles or tiles that are missing or loose. Look for missing nails or nails that are coming undone. You should also inspect the roof from the attic to make sure no holes or leaks from the roof are visible from the inside of your home.

Prepare the Roof

Once you have inspected the roof, the next step is to prepare it to stand up to the high winds that will be generated by the hurricane storms. Make sure to replace any missing singles or tiles. Nail down any loose shingles and replace missing nails.

Hurricane Clips

If you want ultimate security from the effects of severe hurricane-generated storms, then you should talk with a roofing contractor about installing metal hurricane clips. These metal clips are used to attach the roof to the walls of the home on the inside. They greatly reinforce the strength of the roof, helping to prevent it from blowing off even in the most severe winds.

Trim Your Trees

Keep in mind that your trees may be one of the greatest dangers to your home during a storm. A limb that falls off a tree onto your roof fan easily punch a hole through it. You want to get your trees trimmed and overhanging branches pruned away before the hurricane arrives.

You want to make sure to do everything possible to protect your roof from the threats of bad weather that hurricanes bring. If you follow this advice, your roof will be as safe as possible from the effects of the hurricane.